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1st National Reinsurers Summit
September 20-21 2018 | Moscow

National Reinsurers Summit 2018

National Reinsurers: Focus on global cooperation

In a fast changing environment a traditional reinsurance industry tends to react and its centers of gravity are shifting. Many countries all over the world created their national reinsurance companies with state capital in order to support domestic insurance markets. Today a growing role of national reinsurers is one of the visible industry trends. It's time to join efforts, set up a potential and new opportunities for growth.

The Russian National Reinsurance Company with the support of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation invites representatives of all national reinsurance companies of the world to take part in the 1st Summit of National Reinsurers, which will be held in Moscow on September 20-21, 2018.

Main objective of this event is to facilitate the relationships between national reinsurers, open new opportunities through expertise and business exchange. We invite you to be a part of this event and contribute to the new platform of dialog and development.

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