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Treaty Reinsurance

    Trust between partners is the basis of efficient treaty reinsurance programs. We have confidence in our clients and understand that our support, operational efficiency and flexibility in decision making are important for them. We try to and always find mutually beneficial cooperation options offering custom solutions and really reliable reinsurance protection for our clients.

   Natalya Karpova, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Underwriting

            The range of possible cooperation options is really wide – we accept all kinds of risks under treaty reinsurance agreements, ready to lead and follow the leader, develop custom reinsurance programs and act as a single reinsurer.

       The maximum net retention of RNRC under treaty reinsurance agreements is 2.5 billion roubles.

       Any criteria may be set for ceded risks; however we can offer the best terms and conditions for property, engineering risks, liability, cargo and vessels under construction when RNRC is the leading or single reinsurer.

        In any case, cooperation with RNRC starts from disclosure of the current treaty reinsurance structure and related statistics, and information on the primary insurer’s underwriting policy that can be provided by e-mail to or discussed in a face-to-face meeting.