Treaty Reinsurance

    Trust between partners is the cornerstone of efficient obligatory reinsurance protection. We trust our clients and understand how important it is for them to rely on our support, promptness and flexibility in making decisions. We keep searching and finding mutually profitable ways for cooperation, offering our clients a tailored approach and virtually reliable reinsurance protection

       Following our Risk Assessment Policy and Risk Acceptance Policy, and considering RNRC’s established limits for net retention, we accept all types of obligatory covers, including proportional, non-proportional, catastrophic and retrocession contracts, from insurance companies and brokers in Russia and other countries, in all business lines and in any shares.

       We are ready to lead and follow the leader, develop individual reinsurance programs and act as the only reinsurer. Our strategic task is to offer comfortable leadership conditions to cedents with RNRC’s share ranging from 50% to 100%. To accomplish this, we are prepared to be ultimately flexible in coordinating the participation conditions.

        The criteria for risks ceded may vary, but the best conditions will be primarily offered to technical risks, liability, cargoes and shipbuilding in progress, where RNRC is a pool’s leader or the only reinsurer.

        In any case, the cooperation with RNRC starts with the disclosure of the structure of current obligatory reinsurance and the related statistics, as well as the details of the direct insurer’s underwriting policy, which can be sent at or discussed at a private meeting.

       We provide consulting support to Russian insurers through obligatory programs and hold regular meetings on the platform of our Reinsurance Club (ReClub), where we discuss the key challenges in connection with ceding risks to RNRC, including the ceding of contracts made before the enactment of the mandatory cession law on January 1, 2017, and other legal and underwriting aspects requiring open dialogue and sharing of experience.

         We will appreciate your ideas and offers on these documents and any questions regarding interaction.

       Please contact us at and feel free to arrange appointments for discussions and consultations.

       Looking forward to making new contacts!