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Marine and Aviation Reinsurance

RNRC is now at the start of its way and we are all facing numerous challenges. Great possibilities always imply responsibility for made decisions. The future of the insurance market depends on us. And we want it to be better — more convenient, more powerful and free.

Elena Lukyanova, Vice President — Head of Marine Insurance

Traditional marine, aviation, space and cargo risks are one of the key businesses of RNRC, and such contracts are to account for a considerable part of the Company’s portfolio. They will be made for obligatory shares ceded in reinsurance and for reinsurance of sanction risks. Furthermore, a single trip can be provided with reinsurance coverage in respect of cargo, hull and carrier’s liability... That is why we pay special attention to the control of the accumulation of risks and preliminary approval of RNRC participation in major projects. And we often have to balance our participation in terms of various businesses and partners providing all market players with equal support. RNRC makes it easier to find additional capacity and expertise for single-piece, high tech risks, particularly in the space, aviation and military industry, which are currently needed to be taken into account due to the active development of these industries and the limited supply on the international reinsurance market.

The image of RNRC is comprised of its expertise and the best global practices in combination with the understanding of all aspects of doing business on the Russian market and our wish and willingness to share this knowledge and experience with insurers and reinsurers.

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