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Marine and Aviation Reinsurance

Marine and aviation reinsurance

Starting to make our way as the national reinsurer, we are faced with many challenges and understand that our response to them and our professionalism will largely determine what the insurance market will be like tomorrow. We do want it to become better – more convenient, powerful and liberal.

Elena Lukyanova, Vice President — Head of Marine Reinsurance

         Classical marine, aviation, aerospace and cargo transit risks are one of the key business lines of RNRC forming a significant part of the company’s reinsurance portfolio.

      With the appearance of RNRC, it has become much easier to find additional capacity and expert appraisal for one-off, high-technology risks, especially for space, aviation and defense, which is very important at the time of an active development of these industries and limited offering on the international reinsurance market.

       Accepting risks obligatorily ceded by various companies in various insurance fields, but often with regard to the same facility, we pay special attention to risk accumulation control. Not infrequently, we must compromise between insurance businesses and partners to provide equal support to all market participants.

      We are ready to share our knowledge and experience on the national and international market and promote the development of the insurance industry by offering new products and methodologies, taking active part in the activities RAASI, ARUI-based work group, to unify reinsurance contracts and introduce electronic document flow. RNRC is also a member of the ARUI-based work group responsible for the development of the unified RF Museum Fund Insurance Standard, and is actively cooperating with the Union of Marine Insurers, National Chamber of Navigation and RF Ministry of Transport.

         Join us! We will appreciate your ideas and suggestions! We always openly discuss any interaction issues on our website, at personal meetings with partners and in RNRC’s Reinsurance Club (ReClub) with monthly gatherings in our office. You are welcome to send us your questions and suggestions.

      Please contact us at and through our office! See our contact details below.

      Glad to meet you!

Elena Lukyanova
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1420
Cell +7 985 312 31 00
Vice President
Aviation and space risks

Ekaterina Bobina
Tel. +7 495 730 4480
Cell +7 965 183 17 57
Deputy Head of Marine and Aviation Reinsurance

Igor Murashov
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1423
Cell +7 985 397 36 45
Senior underwriter

Natalia Krivoshey
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1421
Cell +7 903 675 74 24
Senior underwriter

Natalia Ivantsova
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1425
Cell +7 910 467 13 87
Senior underwriter

Alina Khabibullina
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1426
Cell +7