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Non-marine reinsurance

Having the highest reinsurance capacity in Russia, RNRC offers the market players strong coverage of their financial strength even in case of mega risks, including catastrophic ones. With our commitment to innovations and best world practices in reinsurance, we strive to follow traditional insurance market practices, interaction modes that are generally accepted and convenient for all market players without breaking the existing balance.

Julia Arkhangelskaya, Vice President — Head of Non-Marine Reinsurance

RNRC does its business on market conditions accepting risks from direct insurers and insurance brokers. We are ready to assist our clients in risk assessment and negotiation of coverage terms at the preliminary placement stage.

We decide on the terms of risk acceptance by RNRC based on the terms of the leading reinsurer and/or other reinsurers.

If RNRC is the sole reinsurer, we can accept ceded risks on the basis of risk assessment requirements relying on the underwriting terms of the direct insurer and provided information on the level of protection against risks, surveys, assessment of potential damages and accumulation of property, construction and liability risks.

Maximum retention of RNRC in these segments is 2.5 billion roubles.

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