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Non-marine reinsurance

Non-marine reinsurance

Having the largest reinsurance capacity in Russia, RNRC offers market participants reliable protection of their financial stability when ensuring even large risks, including catastrophic exposures. Actively employing innovations and global best practices in our reinsurance business, we commit ourselves to respect the insurance market traditions and use the forms of interaction accepted and convenient for all players to maintain the existing balance.

        RNRC operates on the market conditions accepting risks for facultative reinsurance both from direct insurers and insurance brokers. We are ready to assist our clients in assessing risks and coordinating the direct reinsurance conditions during their initial placement for reinsurance.

        We make decisions concerning the conditions of RNRC’s participation in the risk following to the reinsurance leader’s and/or other reinsurers’ conditions.

        In the cases where RNRC is the only reinsurer, we are also prepared to provide reinsurance services based on risk assessment requirements in line with the underwriting solutions of a direct insurer and information on the risk protection of a facility, inspection results, evaluation of possible loss and accumulation in the field of property insurance, construction and installation insurance, and civil liability insurance.

        We place an emphasis on making our decisions ultimately transparent and understandable for our partners. This is why we disclose our internal policies and regulations. On our website, you can find the Underwriting Policies for personal insurance and corporate property reinsurance.

       Our Reinsurance Acceptance Policy are open for public viewing as well.