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Non-marine reinsurance

Non-marine reinsurance

Having the largest reinsurance capacity in Russia, RNRC offers market participants reliable protection of their financial stability when ensuring even large risks, including catastrophic exposures. Actively employing innovations and global best practices in our reinsurance business, we commit ourselves to respect the insurance market traditions and use the forms of interaction accepted and convenient for all players to maintain the existing balance.

Julia Arkhangelskaya, Vice President — Head of Non-Marine Reinsurance

        RNRC operates on the market conditions accepting risks for facultative reinsurance both from direct insurers and insurance brokers. We are ready to assist our clients in assessing risks and coordinating the direct reinsurance conditions during their initial placement for reinsurance.

        We make decisions concerning the conditions of RNRC’s participation in the risk following to the reinsurance leader’s and/or other reinsurers’ conditions.

        In the cases where RNRC is the only reinsurer, we are also prepared to provide reinsurance services based on risk assessment requirements in line with the underwriting solutions of a direct insurer and information on the risk protection of a facility, inspection results, evaluation of possible loss and accumulation in the field of property insurance, construction and installation insurance, and civil liability insurance.

        The maximum net retention used by RNRC in these segments is RUB 2.5 bln. For more information on the net retention of our company follow the link.

        We place an emphasis on making our decisions ultimately transparent and understandable for our partners. This is why we disclose our internal policies and regulations. On our website, you can find the Underwriting Policies for personal insurance and corporate property reinsurance.

       Our Reinsurance Acceptance Policy are open for public viewing as well.

      The development of the Russian insurance market is one of the strategic tasks of our company. In view of this, we initiated the setup and chaired the ARUI-based work groups to develop the methodology for rating warehouses and insuring pawn shop risks. We hold regular meetings on the platform of our Reinsurance Club (ReClub) focused on the promotion of cyber insurance in Russia. To kick-start the development of these businesses we conceive new reinsurance products, which may facilitate the market growth.

        We will present the projects when ready for their discussion at this page.

       We are interested to know any insurers’ needs for reinsurance and prepared to assist in developing new products and providing reinsurance protection.

        Please contact us at:

        We will appreciate your questions, ideas and suggestions. Please visit us! Let’s become friends!

Julia Arkhangelskaya
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1410
Cell +7 915 019 90 20
Non-marine reinsurance

Sergey Chegodaev
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1413
Cell +7 915 056 30 55
Deputy Head of Non-marine reinsurance Department

Elena Petrisheva
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1414
Cell +7 916 645 54 16
Senior non-marine underwriter

Aleksey Zibrin
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1415
Cell +7 985 139 06 16
Special and Non-Industrial Property Practice Leader

Aleksey Gusev
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1416
Cell +7 985 434 98 77
Construction, Drilling and Offshore Practice Leaderr

Anna Ovchinnikova
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1419
Cell +7 916 651 16 03
Financial lines Practice Leader

Alina Korobova
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1437
Cell +7 926 164 58 32
Senior non-marine underwriter

Andrey Pankratov
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1440
Cell +7 916 712 3332
Senior non-marine underwriter

Evgeniya Shkumat
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1417
Cell +7 916 575 89 11
Senior Underwriter

Roman Popov
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1418
Cell +7
Senior Underwriter

Ekaterina Chernova
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1411
Cell +7

Mikhail Trofimov
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1427
Cell +7

Ivan Vlasov
Tel. +7 495 730 4480 ext. 1439
Cell +7 985 972 15 59