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What is the current organizational structure of the Company?

The Company’s structure includes 3 key task modules — underwriting, marine, non-marine and obligatory reinsurance and claim settlement. This line is managed by Natalya Karpova.

The second is the financial module, which is managed by Olga Krymova.

And the third module includes support functions — IT infrastructure, legal and administrative support. It is managed by Andrey Yuriev.

How is the Company managed and controlled by the shareholder?

The functions of the Board of Directors of RNRC are performed by the Supervisory Board, where 6 of 10 members represent the sole shareholder — the Central Bank of Russia.

The Senior Deputy, member of the Board of Directors of the RF CB Sergey Shvetsov is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RNRC. The Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyukhin substitutes the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RNRC.

The Supervisory Board of RNRC has approved the Company’s Board; the President of RNRC Nikolay Galushin was appointed its Chairman. The Board is also comprised of deputy chairpersons — Olga Krymova, Head of Finance, Andrey Yuriev, Head of Support Functions, and Natalya Karpova, Head of Underwriting.
The Board is authorized to make operational management decisions. The Supervisory Board takes strategic decisions regarding RNRC development, approves the budget and reports.

What is the current market capitalization of the Company?

The authorized capital of RNRC is 71 billion roubles. Currently 30% has been paid-up — 21.3 billion roubles.

How to become a partner or goods or service provider of RNRC?

Partnership both with direct insurers and insurance brokers is strategically important for RNRC.

Suppliers of goods and services supporting statutory activities of the Company are selected by the Company based on competitive tendering according to the Purchasing Policy approved by the Board of RNRC.

How to join the RNRC team?

Our goal is to build a team of the best market professionals. If you are really the best in your profession, you can submit your CV to

What risks are considered as sanction risks?

Sanction risks are contracts covering risks of Russian legal entities and individuals that are subject to restrictions imposed by international organizations or individual countries prohibiting provision of reinsurance covers of such risks on international markets. Such risks can be reinsured with RNRC if the direct insurer or broker provides information on imposition of sanctions on the insured submitting a reinsurance slip to RNRC.

Sanction risks
What contracts shall be reinsured by insurance companies with RNRC?

At least 10% of risk under all facultative reinsurance contracts shall be offered to RNRC. As agreed by the Parties, this share may be increased. However, RNRC may reject the risk, if it is not a sanction risk.

Which obligatory treaties are reinsured by RNRC?

RNRC will accept all facultative and obligatory plans placed by insurers. The law does not limit the types of business that can be underwritten by RNRC. The decision to accept or reject the reinsurance share is made by RNRC at its own discretion based on the provided information.

What are the terms of sanction risk acceptance?

RNRC must accept 10% of the offered sanction risk. At that RNRC will follow the policy conditions or the leader. If the direct insurer offers a share exceeding 10%, the policy terms will be agreed by the parties.

Sanction risks
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