Business Development

Reinsurance is a global business and for RNRC is strategically important to be not only the leader on the Russian market, but also to become a recognized reinsurer of the international market, the reliable and highly professional partner for clients abroad. We are open to cooperation both with insurance companies and with brokers, and are ready to provide our capacities for a wide range of risks from the EEU/CIS countries, Eastern Europe, MENA, Sub Saharan Africa, emerging markets in Asia.

Michael Sepp, Vice-president Business development

       Today RNRC actively cooperates with the leading international reinsurance brokers and is ready to participate in treaty and facultative reinsurance with a supporting capacity up to $20 million, relying on the professional credibility of the internationally recognized leading reinsurers, following its terms and conditions, and considering features of the business offered.

       Having high level of professional competence and expertise in areas traditionally developed in Russia such as industrial property and construction, energy and power generation, aviation and space, RNRC is able to offer its partners and clients on target markets own quotations and reinsurance terms.

       RNRC initiated the establishment of the National reinsurers network and annual Summits of national reinsurers. The 1st National Reinsurers Summit was held in Moscow on September 20-21, 2018


Self retantion Limits

Facultative reinsurance 

Reinsurance treaties 

P&C, Engineering, Power generation, Downstream energy, Cargo, GTPL

$ 20 000 000

$ 10 000 000

Aviation & Space, Marine hull, Upstream & Offshore energy

$ 10 000 000

$ 5 000 000

Other types of liability, PA, other LoBs

$ 5 000 000

$ 2 500 000

Michael Sepp
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Head of BD department
Igor Karpovich
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MENA, South Caucasus
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CIS, Eastern Europe
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