National Reinsurance Company
6 Gasheka Street, Moscow 125047
Floor 5, Ducat Place III Business Centre
+7 495 730 44 80, +7 495 730 44 79 (fax)
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Mission and Strategy

In my opinion, a Company’s mission is a long-term goal, an image that the Company should have when “the project capacity” is reached. The mission of RNRC, as we state it, is the continuous enhancement of the protection of the property interests of the Russian business and state, the achievement of the highest financial performance for all interested parties, the development of the national insurance market and economy as a whole.

RNRC is a team of professionals united by the unceasing search for new solutions with a focus on the development and promotion of insurance in Russia. To comply with our mission, we strive to be not only Russian, but one of the world’s high tech centres of insurance competence and expertise.

Our strategic objective is to be the absolute leader in reinsurance in Russia, the centre of insurance competence and one of the key players on the global reinsurance market.

Nikolay Galushin, President — Chairman of the Board of RNRC