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Unprecedented Payment of 2.4 Billion Rubles for Loss of Cargo


Russian National Reinsurance Company paid an insurance indemnity amounting to more than 2.4 billion rubles under the facultative reinsurance contract entered into with Independent Insurance Group with regard to cargo carriage. This is the first amount paid for the greatest loss in Russian cargo insurance history. The total amount of the share of Russian National Reinsurance Company JSC is more than 3.5 billion rubles, while the Company’s share on risk is 67%. The remaining amount of loss will be paid when the Company receives the final set of documents within participation of the Company in the obligatory reinsurance contract, which was also signed by other leading Russian insurance companies.

Russian National Reinsurance Company Joint-Stock Company was established pursuant to Federal Law No. 363-FZ dated July 3, 2016 “On Amending the Law of the Russian Federation ‘On Organization of Insurance Business in the Russian Federation’" by decision of the Board of Directors of its sole founding member, the Central Bank of Russia, who owns 100 percent of the company stock. The Company’s paid-up authorized capital is RUR 21.3 billion. Reinsurance License PS No. 4351 dated October 12, 2016. ACRA rating: ААА (RU), Stable outlook. In 2017, RNRC posted RUR 7.6 billion in premiums.