Russian National Reinsurance Company
6 Gasheka Street, Moscow 125047
Floor 5, Ducat Place III Business Centre
+7 495 730 44 80, +7 495 730 44 79 (fax)
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Mission and strategy

Mission and Strategy

«Our mission is to be the absolute leader in the Russian reinsurance industry, center of insurance competences and one of the key players on the global reinsurance market»

Nikolay Galushin, President — Chairman of the Board of RNRC

Mission Vision
Protection of property interests of the state, business and general public, ensuring financial stability, efficient development of the Russian insurance market and its integration in the global insurance landscape. Becoming one of the world's most technologically advanced and professional centers of insurance competences and a capitalized and investment-attractive company with a diversified portfolio.

2017-2021 Development strategy for RNRC
Presentation of Russian National Reinsurance Company