Russian National Reinsurance Company
6 Gasheka Street, Moscow 125047
Floor 5, Ducat Place III Business Centre
+7 495 730 44 80, +7 495 730 44 79 (fax)
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Natalya Karpova
President – Chairman of the Board
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"The RNRC strategy is based on the protection of property interests of the state, businesses, and general public. We are ensuring financial stability and efficient development of the Russian insurance market as well as its integration in the global insurance landscape. We are sharing our expertise on wide range of issues in insurance, business processes on various markets, types of insurance, and leadership competencies. My main goal is to provide my team with all the conditions for efficiency in the workplace inspired by professionalism, honesty, respect and cooperation, and responsibility."

Responsibility: General management of the Company

Evgeny Nikiforov
Deputy Chairman of the Board
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RNRC is the main national risk manager, on its financial sustainability depend financial state and solvency of many corporations and companies and therefore prosperity of the Russian citizens. Careful planning and operations control as well as conservative approach to asset and risk management are pillars of the financial policy of the company aiming to become credible partner of the Russian insurance market.

Responsibility: Finance

Yuriy Gushchin
Deputy Chairman of the Board
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Alexander Shcheglov
Deputy Chairman of the Board
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Alexandr Vereschaka
Deputy Chairman of the Board
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"The information and economic security for businesses in digital society is very important, especially when we are talking about the interests of the entire sector of the economy, I mean national insurance market. We have to protect the interests and ensure the safety not only of RNRC, but also of all our partners"
Julia Arkhangelskaya
Vice President, Non-Marine Reinsurance
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“I know for sure that all the most interesting, challenging and large risks that can ever occur in Russia will be reinsured with RNRC. I do not know any other thing so desirable from the perspective of professional growth and competence development. I hope that my knowledge and experience will be useful and will contribute to the sustainable development of the insurance industry on a nationwide scale”.

Responsibility: Non-marine reinsurance contracts

Michael Sepp
Vice-president Retro & sustainable development
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Rudenskiy Pavel
Vice president business development CIS
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Elena Lukyanova
Vice President, Marine Reinsurance
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“My main task is to balance the interests of all parties involved in reinsurance. I think this is what professionalism means: to understand both the needs of the insurers and their clients and the reinsurance market players. It is important to us to build an efficient business at the confluence of such interests, as the major reinsurer on the Russian market.”

Responsibility: Marine Reinsurance

Elena Lifanova
Vice President of business development
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Reinsurance is the love of my life. I deeply appreciate and respect partners from the insurance community, with most of whom I have a long lasting history of close and fruitful cooperation, who, like me, have dedicated their lives to this interesting and important profession. My main mission is to develop and refine the established relationship between RNRC and esteemed business partners, to anticipate and identify market needs for the new products and services as well as additional capacities, to solve new joint tasks in order to effectively develop the insurance industry of Russian Federation.
Svyatoslav Kotik
Head of Information Technologies Department
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Natalya Borovkova
Chief Accountant
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“I believe that I have made the right choice by joining NRC. We have an excellent team which is able to overcome any difficulties and barriers. I’m sure that RNRC will take its rightful place on the insurance market.”

Responsibility: Accounting Department

Yana Liman
Head of Internal Audit
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Vladislav Timofeev
Head of Claim Settlement Department
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“I like the elegance of fine solutions. In terms of settlement this means fairness, obviousness and speed. I wish that our customers and partners would perceive our efforts in this way. That is why we strive to make our settlement policy, internal regulations and procedures as transparent as possible.”

Responsibility: Claim Settlement

Nikolay Kuznetsov
Chief Actuary
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“Insurance, and reinsurance in particular, is first of all based on the understanding and proper assessment of risks. My task, as I see it, is to put this theoretical knowledge into practice, both at the level of our Company and at the level of the insurance market as a whole.”

Responsibility: Actuarial Group

Vladimir Lesik
Head of Investment Department
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Investment income is traditionally an essential component of the financial result of any insurer. Structure of company assets, the efficiency of managing the investment portfolio is the basis of financial stability of a company that is strictly controlled by the regulator. We strive to achieve an optimal balance between reliability and profitability of investments.
Sergey Krasnov
Head of Legal Department
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“Id tantum possumus quod de jure possumus — We may do only so much as we are able to do lawfully. This Latin aphorism suits our Company like no other. RNRC has been set up and acts in pursuance of the Federal Law. And our task is to work, interact with the market and be liable for our obligations in such a way as to exclude even the slightest doubt in the legality of our actions.”

Responsibility: Legal support

Svetlana Artemyeva
Head of external and corporate communications
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“We want our Company to become a recognized and reliable source of competencies and information on insurance in Russia. Therefore, we are open to communication and ready to share our knowledge with clients and partners, journalists and experts, everyone who is interested in insurance. We will tell about our work, performance and achievements in an open, detailed and simple manner in accordance with the principles of transparency and respecting the audience.”

Responsibility: Communications and mass media

Sergey Okun
Head of HR Department
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“Our Company is, first of all, a company of people. Their work, their competence, fairness, reliability and positive thinking are the basis of our reputation, the key to our future success. My task is not only to recruit a team of like-minded people, the most competent and recognized experts, innovators with impeccable reputation, but also to create the appropriate conditions to make full use of their talents and abilities.”

Responsibility: HR management

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